38-year-old man returns to primary school after wife dumped him for not being educated

A determined 38-year-old man has decided to return to the classroom after his wife dumped him for not being educated.

The African man identified as John is in elementary school (presently primary three), in the same class as his children.

According to reports by Afrimax English, John was forced to take this step after his darling wife left him for an educated man, calling him a loser.

This angered John, but the pain has done nothing but spur him to take his destiny into his own hands and do everything it takes to become a successful man.

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Although now in the same class with little children, John has firmly resolved to complete his education and achieve great things.

John narrated that his parents were poor and could not afford to send him to school, which made him jettison the idea of education and engage in activities that could earn him money to care for his family.

On his first day in school, his classmates thought he was their teacher and decided to dress in their school uniform.

Many people have also ridiculed John. However, none of this bothers him as he’s determined to finish schooling at age 50 and then proceed to achieve great feats.

Watch him tell his story here