5 Best Law Schools in UK For International Students

The 9th annual US News & World Report Best Global Universities rankings show how universities worldwide compare. Since more and more students want to take admissions in a country other than their own. Here we will tell you about the 5 best law schools in UK for international students.

University of Law

The University of Law is proud of being one of the oldest places to learn the law in the UK In 1876, when Gibson and Weldon, a leading tutoring company, was founded, they got their start. Since then, they have played a significant role and made a big difference in the national legal system. They have also given us some of the most famous lawmakers.

The University of Law in the U.K. has a lot of different study programs in many other areas of law and business. No matter how specific your academic goals are, there will be something at The University of Law that matches them.

School of Economics and Political Science in London

Law is one of the largest departments at the London School of Economics and Political Science, with more than 60 faculty and staff.

Undergraduates can choose between the LLB bachelor of law and the double-degree program, which requires them to spend two years at Columbia University Law School.

There are two graduate degree programs: the LLM master of laws and the executive LLM. The executive LLM is for people who have worked in law for at least three years after getting their bachelor’s degree. The department also has a PhD program in law for people who want to do advanced legal research.

Students and faculty research in various areas, such as commercial law, environmental law, criminal law and criminal justice, E.U. law, and human rights. One of their more recent research projects is the Law and Economics Forum, which helps lawyers and economists work together across fields.

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Oxford University

One of the largest law schools in the U.K. is the University of Oxford. If you want to get a law degree at Oxford, you can either send in an open application and be put in one of the 30 colleges that offer law degrees, or you can apply directly to one of the colleges.

There are two bachelor’s degree programs: jurisprudence and law with law studies in Europe, which includes a year at a university in France, Germany, Italy, or Spain. A BA in jurisprudence with senior status is a shorter version of the regular law degree for students who already have an undergraduate degree. One of the most prominent groups of law research students in the English-speaking world is at Oxford.

Cambridge University

Since the 1300s, the law has been taught at the University of Cambridge. The Faculty of Law is known for its courses in international and comparative law, jurisprudence, and legal history. The faculty is also known for its research in law and social science.

In the first year of an undergraduate degree, students learn about civil, tort, criminal, and constitutional law. As a student gets further into their degree, they can choose to focus on areas like family law, international law, or business law.

The faculty offers a bachelor’s degree in law and a master’s degree in law or corporate law. There is also a doctorate in law for people who want to do research in the legal field as a career.

Edinburgh Law School

The Edinburgh Law School at the University of Edinburgh has been around for more than 300 years. There are three undergraduate programs: the LLB, the joint LLB honors, and the graduate LLB, a two-year course for people with a bachelor’s degree.

For people who want to study law further, there are several LLM and MSc programs in comparative and European private law, global crime, justice and security, innovation, technology, and the law. The university also has online master’s programs in medical law, ethics, and information technology law.