8 best business schools in UK for undergraduates

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The UK is known worldwide as one of the best places to learn about business. Many of the world’s most well-known business leaders and entrepreneurs got their degrees from UK universities, which are also very popular with students from all over the world. So, let’s find out the 8 best business schools in UK for undergraduates.

The University College London (UCL)

The World University Rankings 2019 says that UCL is the 14th best University in the world. It was the first school in England to accept students of any religion and treat men and women equally. There have been 29 Nobel Prize winners who went to UCL, worked there in the past, or are still working there.

The UCL School of Management has undergraduate, graduate, and executive programs in management, business analytics, entrepreneurship, information management for business, and management science.

Oxford University

Oxford has been named the best University in the world for 3 years. Oxford is also the oldest school where English is spoken.

Wafic Sad, a Syrian-Saudi businessman and philanthropist, gave a lot of money to start the Sad Business School in 1996. The school is where undergraduate and graduate students in business, management, and finance in Oxford go to learn.

School of Economics and Political Science in London

In 2019, in World University Rankings, LSE was ranked 26th worldwide. LSE is know as the best school for business education. One of the most exciting things about LSE is that 18 Nobel Prize winners, like the famous playwright George Bernard Shaw and the economist Professor Christopher Pissarides, have taught or studied there.

Edinburgh University

In 2019 THE World University rankings, the University of Edinburgh (UoE) is ranked 29th. It is the sixth oldest University in the English-speaking world. It began in 1583.

The University of Edinburgh Business School offers undergraduate, graduate, and executive education programs in business and management and a place for research, discussion, and debate on various business issues.

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Warwick University

In 2019, the University of Warwick was ranked 79th in the world. It is located on the edge of the city of Coventry. The town of Stratford-upon-Avon, where William Shakespeare was born, is only 30 minutes from its campus. Warwick Business School (WBS) is one of the best business schools in Europe, and it is also the University’s most prominent department. It is three miles from the city center of Coventry and is on a 300-hectare campus with lovely landscaping.

WBS has a wide range of programs for both first-year and advanced students in Accounting, Finance, International Business, and Management.

Lancaster University

The ranking for Lancaster University is 146th in the world. Its campus is in North West England, three hours by train from London, Glasgow, and Edinburgh.

People know that Lancaster University Management School is one of the few business schools in the world with four different kinds of accreditation. It is always in the UK’s top 10 for Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Business, and Management.

Nottingham University

With thousands of students, the University of Nottingham is one of the UK’s most prominent law schools. In the 2019 World University Ranking, the University is ranked 149th.

The Nottingham University Business School is one of the best places in the world to learn about finance and management. It was one of the first places to focus on entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainability.

Sussex University

The World University Rankings 2019 put the University of Sussex 161st in the world. When it got its Royal Charter in 1961, Sussex was the first of the new wave of UK universities to open in the 1960s.

The Jubilee Building, the newest academic building at Sussex, is home to the University of Sussex Business School. Their work uses management, economics, science, technology, and innovation studies to help people and institutions plan for the future.