Brilliant 24-year-old who got BSc in 2019 becomes youngest school principal

Kenneth Gorham becomes youngest principal in US
Kenneth Gorham becomes youngest principal in US

Kenneth Gorham, a North Carolina A&T State University graduate, has emerged as the youngest principal in US history at the Movement Middle School, Charlotte, North Carolina.

Kenneth, 24, earned his B.Sc. degree in Political Science in 2019 at the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University; he further worked as a teacher before becoming an instructional coach, after which he emerged as school principal at Movement School.

According to the school’s management, he was picked because he has the qualities of a great leader, and he can be a source of inspiration to many.

“When we think of who to hire, what matters is leadership competencies,” said Jenika Mullen, the Superintendent.

“Are you someone that people gravitate to and can be inspired by? When it comes to Mr. Kenneth Gorham, the answer is yes.”

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Since he was appointed principal, Gorham has ensured that he supports students in their goals, which has made both parents and students admire him.

A parent of one of the pupils, Moya Montgomery, said, “He, Gorham, gives each student a walk-through Movement Middle School’s door, he gives them a hug each morning, if not a hug, a high five.”

The management of the Movement School believes that appointing Mr. Kenneth Gorham will be a beacon of change in how people think a school principal should look.

Moreover, according to the US Department of Education, the average age of public school principals is 48. Despite being the youngest principal in U.S. history, Kenneth Gorham believes he can lead by example and empower the students at Movement School.

According to Gorham, “As a black male educator and leader, I have to empower our kids, to show them like beyond what the world may believe and perceive. You can always change the narrative every single day.”

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