Brilliant Young Lady Bags First Class In Engineering After Losing Her Parents

A Nigerian lady, who graduated with a first class in Engineering, has revealed how she persevered to be the best after she had lost her parent in her first year.

The lady, identified as Kinfeosioluwa Akin-Ibisagba, was the best graduating student in her department, Civil Engineering. She finished with a 4.92 CGPA from Covenant University.

She noted that her mother died first, and then her dad followed shortly, sending her into depression. However, the first-class graduate said she overcame the depression and grief, making sacrifices to obtain a stellar academic performance.

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According to Akin-Ibisagba, she needed to prove to those sponsoring her that their investment in her education wasn’t a wasted one.

“I lost my parents. This was when during the first semester of my first year in Covenant University. Despite the family drama, depression and all the hidden tears at night, God promised to come through for me. I didn’t even recover from the death of my mother when my dad died. It wasn’t easy for me, because we were quite close. I had no idea how my life will turn out to be after that. My external family members were worried that I might not cope with the lost of my parent. I needed to be strong.

“I deprived myself of every kind of pleasure and tons of other things that were done by other student, this is because I didn’t want to derail from my goal. Was it difficult? Yes! Was it worth it in the end? Yes! I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything else,” she told The Punch in an interview.

“My parent are not alive but I know they’ll be pleased wherever they’re looking at how successful I have become in my education. My other family members were pleased, and were also very excited for me when they saw my result. What I saw in their eyes was pride, I could tell they were proud of me, which caused me to shed tears of joy.”

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