Causes Of School Dropout in Primary and Secondary School and Solution To Control It




A lot of students have dropped out of school in different categories. Regarding what led to it, let’s
promote. Foremost, dropping out of school implies the state of withdrawing or leaving the school premises.

So below are the Causes Of School Dropout in Primary and Secondary School and Solution To Control It

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Characteristics of school dropout

1. sub-standard academic performance:

Low performance in class, discourages a lot of students to
continue with their education. Though a lot of terminologies to assist the student to improve
academically, no positive changes. This impression guarantees the student to evaluate the school

2. Gender:

Girls are more liable to drop out of school than boys. This can be associated with culture. A
lot of parents feel girls, don’t deserve a formal education or to be literate. Because they will get married
one day, and end up in the kitchen. They must take care of the house and children, then the man
provides basic needs of the family.

3. Pregnancy:

Unwanted pregnancy results to drop out of school, decreasing the civilization of students
in schools.

7. Distance:

The population of students in primary school, is denser than in secondary. This is because,
in the secondary school format of education the population is not quite many, compared to secondary.
Students find it so hectic to get to school early because of the distance, which discourages them and
leads to dropping out of school.

8. Poverty:

The universal primary education sector, provides free education to students. Therefore,
parents ought to take responsibility, for purchasing the materials and items they need (uniforms,
exercise books and textbooks, bags, stockings, and so on).
But so unfortunate, Most of the illiterate amongst them, do not value education.

9. Early marriage:

Majorly, girls drop out of school when impregnated. Thereby leading to early
marriage. When a financial aspect is considered, sponsoring the formal education. Boys fall victim to
early marriage when they impregnate a girl.

10. Low education level of parents:

Most parents in rural areas, are not literate. They don’t possibly
figure out any reason to enroll and invest in their children’s education.

11. Grade repetition:

Class repetition, contribute to the rate at which students drop out of school,
decreasing the population of students. A student who repeats class multiple times drops out of school
due to shame and gesture character from his colleagues in class.

12. Food:

There should be arrangements for food in school. This will help the students concentrate, and
be well equipped academically. Most students during that break hour, don’t have what to eat.

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How to control school dropouts

1. Jobs given to students after school hour should be reduced:

The rate at which job opportunities is given to students should be limited, to enable them to concentrate earnestly on their studies.

2. Early marriages should be discouraged:

This affects teenagers. Parents should eradicate such a drastic
and low mentality, of giving their children out for marriage at a tender age.

3. The cost of schooling should be lowered:

The government has provided a UPE to learners of primary and secondary school. Materials such as shoes, uniforms, Exercise notes, and textbooks. Should be provided by the parents.

4. improvement in access to school:

This can be achieved, by constructing new schools, in different locations. Also, the existing schools should be constructed in different environments. The facilities for learning should be tested and well equipped before purchasing.

5. schedule curriculum making provisions for rural children who have limited choices:

Curriculum activities, should be considered and implemented in rural areas, who have a limited choice or choices in
life. For instance, fishing is an occupation. They should be educated, and taught a skill to depend on, and develop their social, economic, and financial.

6. School feeding should be considered:

School feeding programs should be introduced into the school
activities. If otherwise, then students will drop out of school, due to starvation and poverty.
7. Computer desktop/system should be available: The use of desktops or laptops should be used in
schools. It aids easy learning skills and understanding in students.

8. Negative influence:

Negative influence on children, is virtually one of the common reasons children
drop out of school. Numerous exposure to alcohol, the internet, hard drugs, and television leads to
distractions, making them attractive to bad peer groups.

9. Have a pragmatic expression:

Always motivate your child or children to improve in their studies. It
gives them the impression you believe them, therefore do not feed them with abusive words. It can
make that child psychologically weak and derail leading to worse performance.
10. Be immersed: As parents or guardians one of your responsibility is to monitor the performance of
your child, examine what aspect he is depreciating, and help him to improve.


In this article, we have been able to discover, why students dropped out of school, and likewise
solutions to put an end to it. Schools should provide a curriculum activity for students during leisure
time. There should be the availability of food in school to reduce the rate of dropping out of school,
most especially for secondary students. Their IQ is filled with dreams and ambition, parents and
teachers should monitor their movement.
Migration shouldn’t be a hindrance to the progress and continuity of a child’s education, research
should be made by parents with immediate effect, to enroll the child in a reputable school.


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