How To Get Adsense Approval 2022


how to get adsense approval


Do you want to monetize your website? If yes, then you should know how to get adsense approval. It is a must for a website to get the AdSense approved in order to make money. So, follow these tips to crack the Google Adsense Approval challenge:

Get a custom domain

The best way to get your site approved is by getting a custom domain name. This means that you should purchase the name of your website from Google and no one else. You can do this by purchasing the name directly through them or through another company like GoDaddy; it’s up to you! There are plenty of websites out there that offer free hosting services, but these aren’t going to be able to help with getting adsense approval because they don’t have control over their own domains names (which also prevents them from being able to sell advertising).

It’s important that your domain name relates closely with the content on your site so people will quickly understand what they’re looking at when they come across it in search results, especially since most sites won’t go beyond three pages deep into search results before clicking back out again! Try to choose something memorable and easy-to-understand if possible but don’t worry too much about having an exact match between keywords on your page title tag for example – Google understands context better than anyone else does these days anyway so do not feel bad about using an alternative word instead if needed 🙂

Professional design

You should make sure that your website’s design is professional and clean. It should be simple, easy to read, and consistent throughout the site. Google wants to see that you have a well-designed site that looks like it was put together by a professional designer. That being said, they don’t want it to look too busy or too simple either.

If you follow these guidelines, you will be well on your way towards getting your adsense account approved!

Original, high quality content

Google is the most popular search engine. It has millions of users and its main goal is to provide accurate information to users. The more people use Google, the more money it earns from advertising. Google AdSense ads appear on different pages and websites, so it’s important for you to ensure that your content matches what Google wants to show its visitors.

So, how can you get your website approved by AdSense? In short: write original, high-quality content that’s unique and relevant; use keywords appropriately; make sure the content is useful and interesting; be entertaining where possible!

Avoid copyright violation

The second most common reason for rejection is the use of copyrighted or trademarked content. You can’t use someone else’s work in your ads unless you have written permission to do so. For example, if you’re selling a t-shirt and you want to include a picture of an artist’s painting on the shirt, then you need to get permission from that artist before using their work in your ad.

Here are some tips for avoiding copyright violation:

  • Make sure all images in your ad were made by you or have been licensed properly (for example, if it’s a royalty free photo).
  • Double check that all text is original content by checking to see who owns the rights to it (e.g., newspapers).

Read the adsense policies

  • Read through the adsense policies to make sure your site adheres to them.
  • Make sure your site is not a copyright violation. If you use images, video, or text that isn’t yours and you haven’t gotten permission from the owner, you will be banned from Google Adsense forever (or at least until you pay someone to get you reinstated).
  • Make sure your site is not a phishing site or virus infected website. This means that if someone goes on your website and clicks on something that looks suspicious (like an advertisement), they should have a good experience without getting hacked or infected with malware.

Declare your country and site language

You must declare your country and site language to get adsense approval. If you have not declared it when you submit the application, Google will send you an email asking for more information. You can change this later, but it must be done at the time of approval.

The first thing is to select the language that best describes your website according to Google’s internal list of supported languages (you can find it here). Then simply fill out all the fields in their form:

Make your site SEO friendly

In order to get adsense approval, you need to make sure that your site is search engine friendly. Without a good SEO strategy, no matter how much time and effort you put into building high-quality content for your readers, it won’t matter because Google will not be able to rank your site in their search results.

Here are some things that you should do:

  • Use keywords in your content
  • Add relevant tags
  • Use appropriate titles and descriptions
  • Make sure all of the essential elements on each page are optimized

Make sure navigation is user friendly

When creating a website, make sure that the navigation is user-friendly. The navigation should be easy to find if you have more than one page on your website. The navigation should be easy to use and it should not distract users from reading your content. It should also be consistent with other elements like fonts, colors and layout throughout your site so that users can easily recognize what they’re looking for when navigating through different pages of your site.

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The navigation has many components including titles, text links and buttons which may look different depending on how far down into a page someone scrolls as well as whether or not there are any drop-down menus available (this will depend upon whether or not they have JavaScript enabled in their browser). This can make it difficult for someone who hasn’t visited your site before because there isn’t anything visually distinguishing between these different types of navigational elements – especially if they’re all black text against white backgrounds – but there are some simple ways around this issue: firstly by making sure that each component has its own distinctive color scheme; secondly by ensuring people know where they’ve clicked by using appropriate icons such as arrows pointing downwards indicating “more” while leaving enough space below each menu so that no matter how far down someone scrolls before clicking on one link another option remains visible at all times; thirdly by making sure each component has enough padding around it so nothing overlaps onto any other component nearby which makes them harder to read without havingto scroll back up again afterwards since we tend not focus so much attention where our eyes don’t need assistance finding something else quickly once found!

Add the terms and conditions page and the privacy policy page

The terms and conditions page is a page that you provide to users to tell them the rules of your site. The privacy policy page is a page that you provide to users so that they know what personal data you collect from them. For example, if your website has a chat area where people can talk with each other, then you need to have a privacy policy in place so that users know what information about them (if any) you collect, how long this information will be kept on file, and who has access to it.

Follow these steps to get adsense approval.

To get adsense approval, you need to follow these steps:

  • Follow the steps.
  • Make sure you follow all the steps.
  • Make sure you follow the steps in the right order (or you might get confused).
  • Make sure you follow the steps in the right way (or else it won’t work). 5 .Make sure that when its time for a step it’s really time for that step and not before or after it should be taken care of!


I hope this is helpful to you. Remember that there are no shortcuts, and if your site doesn’t meet the criteria, it will be rejected. The key to success is hard work, patience and dedication. Good luck!


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