Meet 16 year old brilliant Nigerian kid that made it to Italy as a Senior Web Developer

Meet 16 year old brilliant Nigerian kid that made it to Italy as a Senior Web Developer

A 16 year old brilliant Nigeria kid known as John Oseni has made it to Italy after having an incredible run as a web developer in Nigeria.

John Oseni who just concluded his secondary school at Command Day Secondary School, Akure, Nigeria in 2021 joined a Web Development training center at the age of 14 while he was a student.

Two years after his enrollment, he has been recognized as a talent by an Italian company who thereafter poached him from Nigeria to Italy.

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Narrating his story, John reflected on how he started his journey at the age of 14 with a 2GB RAM big laptop upto how an Italian company known as Flywallet located in Roma, Lazio, Italy hired him to be a Blockchain Developer in the firm.

In his post sharing the moment he flew out of Nigeria, he said it was his first time entering a plane and his parent was as amazed as himself at his growth rate.

“Like everyone will say, There is a first time for everything in Life. My first time entering a plane, No body expected such vast growth from me, Even my parents are surprised that it could come to this,” he posted on Linkedin.

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