Meet Kat, a 28-year-old Lady Who got a whooping N415m Teaching Excel on TiK-Tok

Meet Kat, a 28-year-old Lady Who got a whooping N415m Teaching Excel on TiK-Tok
Meet Kat, a 28-year-old Lady Who got a whooping N415m Teaching Excel on TiK-Tok

A 28-year-old woman, Kat Norton, nicknamed ‘Miss Excel’ by her social media followers, said she was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic which made her move back to her parent’s house where she stayed in her childhood room. She became bored, tired, and restless and decided she wanted something different from her regular 9-5 job as she was surviving from one salary to another.

One day, as she lay on the bed, was on the phone with her friend, and was discussing side business ideas that she could leverage the four years she spent teaching Microsoft Excel from her consulting job, an idea struck her.

She did not realize that the idea would lead her to a fun side business that would ultimately turn into Miss Excel, her successful, full-time training business. Norton said the idea has grown to more than one million followers across Tik-Tok and Instagram.

It has also brought her about N415 million in course sales.

How she turned her idea into a multimillion-dollar business: Norton said she posted her first video on Tik-Tok in June 2020 and then began posting once daily. She kept it to herself, except for her mother and boyfriend.

But things went faster than she expected, her fourth video, where she explained Excel’s new data-searching tool, XLOOKUP featuring DMX’s song, crossed over 100,000 views in just a few days.

By her sixth video, Norton said a CEO of an IT firm sent her a message saying he loved her videos and style of teaching and wanted her to create Excel training videos for his clients. Norton accepted the offer and asked for a green screen and a ring light to make her videos look more professional.

She registered her business on June 15, 2020. She was in business. As she went about her 9-5 job and was scurrying from one client’s projects to another, she continued posting Excel videos on TikTok every day. She was creating unique videos and imbuing them with true passion.

By October, she had grown her social media audience to 300, 000 followers. Her videos had gone viral. The idea of leveraging her brand to become a content creator becomes more pressing. Miss Excel said she wants to build online courses to sell directly to consumers through her website.

She went off work for two weeks off from her regular job and filmed over 100 videos, she connected them as a package and named them ‘The Excelerator Course’, a delightful, comprehensive Excel training starter pack with advanced techniques with pivot and lookup functions.

She priced her course at N127,000. In November 2020, and made her debut Excelerator Course sale. By January 2021, she was making over N6 million every month in passive income from sales.

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