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origin, size, health and behavior

Are you looking to adopt a large dog? Origin, size and character, discover information about the Bobtail.

Characteristics of the Bobtail

Bobtail puppies hidden under the fireplace Credit: slowmotiongli

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the bobtail is also known by other names Old English SheepdogWhereenglish sheepdog ancestral. As its name suggests, this ancestral dog breed was once used as a herding and cattle dog. He is now known to be an excellent companion dog and guard dog. The Bobtail belongs to the category of large dogs. He can be recognized by his very thick coat, his voluminous square-shaped head, eyes dark often hidden by long fur and small ears carried on the sides of the skull. the hairabundant of this race of dog is of a rough gray, blue or merle texture, with or without white spots.

Hair: rough, uncurly, shaggy and abundant

Colour: grey, grizzled or blue

Head: square and voluminous

Muzzle: square and strong

Eyes: dark or odd

Ears: small and carried flat on the sides of the skull

Body: stocky, short and compact

Tail: short from birth or deliberately docked when still a puppy

Weight: between 35 kg and 40 kg for males and 28 and 38 kg for females

Height at the withers: 61 cm minimum for males and 56 cm for females

Origin of the Bobtail

A Bobtail puppy, eyes towards the camera Credit: radarreklama

The Bobtail is a very old dog of British origin. This large and lively dog ​​specializes in guarding and driving herds in the mountains. Its dense and provided dress as well as its great resistance and its vivacity allowed it to be effective in its tasks. The official standard in force for the Bobtail was published on October 13, 2010. The Bobtail is the result of the crossing of several breeds, including the Bergamo Shepherd, the Komondor and the Border Collie..

The adoption of the Bobtail by men began at the time of the G of Hundred Years. It was first introduced in 1873. The name Bobtail comes from its docked tail. Indeed, “Bobtail” means “cut tail” in English. Breeders deprived him of his tail, as working dogs with docked tails were previously exempt from tax in England. Nowadays, cutting the tail of the Bobtail is prohibited in France and in several countries.

It begins to be exported outside of England after the Second World War. Currently, there is an official website of the French club of the ancestral English Sheepdog breed in France, the “Bobtail Club de France”.

Bobtail Health

Adult Bobtail walking outdoors Credit: SergeyTikhomirov

The Bobtail is a robust dog that is not prone to any particular health problem. It does not require specific care and is resistant. Its life expectancy is 12 years on average if it is well followed. Vaccinations and deworming must be up to date.

The needs of the Bobtail

Bobtail seated wisely facing the camera Credit: HideInada

Very dynamic dog, life in an apartment is not made for the Bobtail. However, he can adapt to it provided he is taken out regularly for walks. A house with a garden perfectly meets his needs as a sheepdog.

The Bobtail is a fairly independent dog that does not need to be next to its master at any time. Besides, loneliness does not bother him too much. However, he needs a minimum of attention for his psychological and social balance. He also needs to practice daily physical activity so as not to get bored. He is gifted for various canine sports such as agility or tracking.

Her fur dense requires a lot of maintenance. Indeed, it is necessary to brush it daily to detangle it in order to avoid the appearance of knots. In short, the Bobtail is a fairly easy-going dog, but its hair requires daily maintenance. The negligence of his masters is immediately seen on the state of his hair. It will sometimes be necessary to take him from time to time to the groomer to give him a beauty.


Dog food Credit: jirkaejc

Regarding his diet, the Bobtail is a greedy dog ​​who does not shun food. However, he has sensitive intestines requiring great vigilance regarding his diet. Sudden changes in diet are therefore to be avoided to prevent gastric problems. Its food should consist of between 50 and 70% meat. In addition, the portions must be calculated according to the needs of the dog. They thus gradually increase as the Bobtail grows.

A puppy Bobtail should eat three to four times a day until he is six months old. In adulthood, two large rations per day are sufficient. It is important to get him used to eating at specific times and not to leave food in his bowl all the time. On the other hand, he must have access to his bowl of fresh water at all times.

You can give him treats from time to time, but you have to be reasonable. You can thus give him dog biscuits outside of meals, after intense physical exercises.

Bobtail Education

Bobtail staring at the camera Credit: Laura Fay

The Bobtail is a sheepdog, its education must therefore be provided by a master experimented. Indeed, it is not easy to contain this dynamic and large dog. His education must be firm and carried out from an early age. When well educated, the Bobtail is an endearing, playful and gentle dog. The Bobtail looks like a big plush, but you have to be careful not to spoil it too much. It is important that he learn to obey as soon as he arrives in the family. He must understand that you are the master and he must obey. Get him used to playing in the garden with children and cats, always under your supervision. Don’t forget, the weight of this animal pet can weigh up to 40 kg in adulthood.

If the Bobtail is your first dog in the family, it is better to entrust its education to a professional. You can also train yourself with books to be able to train your new pet properly. In any case, the Bobtail must be educated when it is still only a puppy.

Bobtail Behavior

Bobtail female with her young Credit: slowmotiongli

The Bobtail is an excellent pet and will delight the whole family. family. He loves the children and willingly keeps them company. The Bobtail american is also known by the nickname “Nanny dog”. However, he should be supervised with young children, as he is dynamic and not always aware of his size and robustness. Very playful, the Bobtail also has an affectionate character. According to notice educators, the Bobtail is one of the dog breeds adapted to masters with some experience in dog training. Just like the German Shepherd, the Bobtail needs firm training from an early age.

This dog can coexist perfectly with other animals, including cats. However, it will be necessary to accustom him to contact with other animals from an early age. However, it should be noted that if the Bobtail can get along perfectly with animals, this will not be the case with an adult cat. The integration of a cat with a dog must rather be done at a young age. Faced with other dogs, the Bobtail can be a little too sociable. He will not hesitate to meet the dogs he meets during walks. It will be necessary to control his contacts so that he does not have repeated bad experiences with aggressive animals who do not seek contact like him.

The Bobtail has retained its instinct as a herding dog and herdsman, he thus happens to gather everyone during a walk when the members of the family do not remain in a group. If he is well educated, the Bobtail will be a perfect companion and a real helper. Originally a sheepdog, he only asks to be useful to his family.

Price of a Bobtail puppy

Puppies sitting together on the couch Credit: DarioEgidi

Did the soft and affectionate character of the Bobtail as well as its big teddy bear physique seduce you? Are you ready to meet his needs and devote time to him? You will have to pay between 900 and 1200 € for a Bobtail male and between 500 and 1200 € for a Bobtail female. The price varies according to the pedigree of the parents or the conformity to the standards of the breed. Besides the price of the puppy, it will also be necessary to think about the regular expenses which are: food, vaccines, deworming, grooming… We must not forget either the play accessories to entertain your dog. In short, adopting a pet is synonymous with expenses, a point not to be overlooked before making the decision.

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