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Outings – Leisure | Two women from Vaucluse are launching a card game to boost children’s self-esteem

VSamina, as a path. Like the first syllables of Carine, Michèle and Nadège, these three women from Mormoiron and Carpentras who have perfected a card game where there are neither losers nor winners.

Camera is a personal development game, to accompany mainly children but also adults towards a better self-esteem. The goal is to share a pleasant moment where everyone is recognized in their strengths.

To move towards a well-being by developing your self-esteem, to come out stronger thanks to the eyes of others and the one you will have on yourself…“. This is how this card game, imagined for more than a year, is defined by these two friends, Michèle Bertoia, psycho-pedagogue at the medical psycho-pedagogical center (CMPP) of Carpentras, and Carine Ther, therapist in integrated body and mind health.And to bring this sweet project to life, they called on the talent of designer Nadège Poupaert, also from Mormoiron.

“Learn to be kind”

These are 42 strength cards (kindness, tolerance, calm, humor, protection, etc.) divided into seven families of animals, where each animal is associated with a theme itself composed of six strengths/qualities“, detail Michèle and Carine. The bear for anchoring, the dog for the relational sphere, the titmouse for communication… (read right).

Each animal has been chosen according to the psycho-corporal characteristics and the energy that emanates from itcontinues Carine. And Nadège did a wonderful job of illustrating the temperament with a lot of softness in the line and in her color palette..

In a context of crisis linked to Covid-19 and the Ukrainian conflict, this game comes at the right time to restore notes of optimism to children and families. “This crisis has had a great impact on children. It has aggravated the difficulties and caused them to arise where there were none. We already have good feedback from teachers and I use it in my job. Children regain self-confidence; they never imagined that we could tell them such nice things about them“, confides Michele.

Beyond the fact of valuing the other in his qualities and getting to know each other, Camera, which can be played in different ways and with several people, also allows you to land away from screens, to respect others, yourself and the environment. “Learn to be kindWe have discovered in our research that the human brain has a cognitive bias that causes it to see only what is wrong with it.“, argues Michèle who was inspired by the work of Christophe André and Martin Seligman on positive psychology.

To support the project, it’s before May 15

To be able to manufacture 1,000 copies of the game, the creators launched a crowdfunding campaign via the KisskissBankbank platform. They have already raised €5,500 from 139 contributors and received 185 orders. “Families and professionals have joined Camina“, specifies Michèle, teacher for 14 years in a network of specialized aid for students in difficulty (Rased). “It is aimed at teachers, educators, psychologists, speech therapists, psychomotor therapists, in training centers, care units, etc.“But to cross the threshold of 1,000 game boxes, they need a little boost, before May 15. They still need €3,000 to bring life to Camera. Before this date, contributors will have the game at 22 €.

We wanted to create a medium that brings us all together around humanist values. And show that there is good in the human beingcontinue the two friends. We are perfectly imperfect and interdependent beings!

The two women truly believe in the fact that everyone has their place, their role to play. “It is up to everyone to sow, with their own strength, seeds of peace “, smiles Michèle. And it’s up to everyone to play the game.

Participate in donations or order your game: by clicking on the link on the Facebook page “Camina, a virtuous card game” or on the site “”

100% local

The creators of the association called “Camies” wanted to make this game a 100% local, solidarity, social and environmental project.

The cards will be printed in the ecological paper “Crush” (based on fruits) at Avignonboxes made in Cavaillon and storage bags made from recycled fabrics Carpentras, at the “Histoires d’objets” boutique, a solidarity boutique workshop managed by the Rhéso association, which supports people in situations of social fragility. Pre-order games can be picked up in a bookstore in Carpentras “Le Livre Gourmand”.

To each animal, a universe of strength

Two friends, Carine Ther, therapist, and Michèle Bertoia, psycho-pedagogue, imagined “Camina”, a card game to identify your strengths, especially those you don’t know.Photos Philippe DAUPHIN

L‘bear was chosen for all the qualities related to anchoring (reliability, calm, achievement, assurance, protection, patience); the cat for its qualities related to the senses (joy, respect, self-care, pleasure, creativity, connection to the senses); Lionpersonal power (leadership, organization, perseverance, courage, independence, passion); the dogthe relational (sensitivity, tolerance, kindness, cooperation, altruism, tenderness); the titthe sphere of communication (curiosity, adaptability, listening, sincerity, assertiveness, expression); the Eagleclarity of mind (lucidity, humility, acceptance, knowledge, singularity, intuition) and the owl for the energy of understanding (optimism, gratitude, humor, wonder, fairness, spirituality).

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