Which are the best private schools in UK


In the UK, “private school” is an old term for a group of elite schools that charge fees. The term was first used in the 18th century when a small group of well-established boys’ schools started charging fees to set themselves apart from the growing number of free grammar schools. Eton College, Shrewsbury School, Harrow School, Charterhouse School, Rugby School, Westminster School, and Winchester College were some of these schools.

In the United Kingdom, private schools are known for having smaller class sizes than public schools. Private schools usually have between 30 and 32 students in a class. In private schools, the number of students to teachers is much lower.

St. Paul’s School

St. Paul’s School is an independent day and boarding school for boys in Barnes, West London. It is on a 43-acre site. Dean of St. Paul’s Cathedral John Colet started it in 1509.

In 2022-23, the fees will be £9,162 per term or £13,788 per term for those who live on campus. Families with a combined income of less than £120,000 may be able to get bursaries of between 20% and 100%.

Magdalen School in Oxfordshire

Boys ages 7 to 18 and girls in the sixth form can go to Magdalen College School for an independent day school. It is in the city of Oxford, which is known for its cathedral. About one-third of A-level students study at either Oxford or Cambridge universities.

In 2021-22, each term will cost £6,600. Magdalen College School gives bursaries to students who meet the academic requirements for admission and have a real need for financial help.

Guildford High School

Guildford High School, which has been around since 1888, gives about 1,000 girls ages 7 to 18 an independent day education. In 2021, the Sunday Times gave the South East Independent Secondary School of the Decade award.

In 2021-22, Guildford High School cost £6,100 per term. The school gives eligible families a 5% sibling discount and bursaries based on their income.


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Wimbledon’s King’s College School

The King’s College school Wimbledon is a well-known day school for boys. It is in South West London, near Wimbledon Common. In the sixth form, girls are welcome. By royal charter, the school was started in 1829 as the junior department of King’s College London on the Strand. In 1897, it moved to Wimbledon.

In 2022-23, each term of school will cost £7,310. King’s College School Wimbledon gives academic, music, and sports scholarships, as well as entrance bursaries that cover up to 100% of tuition fees, to families who qualify.

Westminster School

Westminster School is an independent day and boarding school for boys (and girls in the sixth form) in the City of Westminster. It is in Little Dean’s Yard, which is near Westminster Abbey. About half of the students attend Oxbridge, which makes Westminster School the school with the highest acceptance rate to Oxbridge in the country. At Westminster School, class sizes rarely go over 22.

In 2021-22, day students at Westminster School will pay £9,987 per term and boarders will pay £14,424 per term.