Why You Want The One-Idea Methodology In Your Design Work



Ages in the past, after I first began at an company, I discovered lots about working with shoppers on logos, largely by means of trial and error. As soon as, after a consumer killed a superbly good emblem as a result of he did not like the colour inexperienced, I made a decision to all the time present the primary spherical of logos solely in black and white. Why? As a result of it permits the mark to talk for itself with out bias or reliance on colour. There have been numerous these kinds of classes after I first began. Fairly frankly I’m grateful for them; they’ve helped me hone a course of for myself.

I like attending to work on logos and branding. It’s my secret pleasure when the technique sends me down a design rabbit gap. I get to dive in, and after numerous doodles, then attempting this, attempting that, and refining, and refining much more… I’ve it. (Chef’s kiss.) THE emblem. And at this level, all I wish to do is convey it to life. Anybody else with me? I wish to put it on shirts or packaging and present the consumer what this logo-baby can actually change into. After which… (cue unhappy trumpet wah-wah sound) I do not forget that I must make two extra logos. Right here is the factor, the second two, or 4, logos are by no means nearly as good. They simply aren’t. However the conference has all the time dictated that the consumer wants choices. However do they? Spoiler alert. No, they do not. It’s referred to as the one-concept technique and beneath is a bit about what it’s and why you have to be utilizing it.

What Is The One-Idea Methodology?

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It’s precisely what it appears like. As an alternative of presenting 5 and even three logos to a consumer, you current just one. Whereas I did not give you this technique—it was really somebody named Sean McCabe who did that—it has been a game-changer. Earlier than I put it into follow, the thought of 1 emblem was just a little scary. I imply, what in the event that they hate it? The flip facet of presenting just one idea although is that you just solely present one of the best one. As a result of there may be all the time one that’s the strongest. Sean poses that “design is an iterative course of” and that my job as a designer is definitely not full till I refine it to the one which greatest serves the venture objectives. Which really makes lots of sense. It’s a much better answer than presenting 5 logos after which letting the consumer arbitrarily mix parts of them right into a Frankensteined emblem that meets no objectives.

Why Shoppers Ought to Want The One-Idea Strategy

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As a consumer, you’re paying for my experience. You’re investing in my companies as a result of whilst you know your small business greatest, you additionally know I can translate your entire information and expertise as an proprietor into one thing that’s each strategically sound and delightful to have a look at: a branding bundle that’s aligned along with your firm objectives, persona, and perfect buyer. If I have not distilled it all the way down to the one greatest answer I can create, then I’ve not completed the duty. After all, there’ll nonetheless be refinements based mostly on suggestions as the method is collaborative. However diluting a single robust idea with 5 different choices? Not an opportunity.

Why Designers Ought to Want The One-Idea Strategy

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Do not forget that emblem rabbit gap I discussed earlier? THAT is exactly why designers ought to love the one-concept technique. It permits for a a lot deeper dive to create one of the best emblem for the venture objectives and the time to actually showcase how it may be used. All of that focus to element that will get put right into a emblem, plus extra context than a black and white emblem on a web page. You possibly can present patterns, emblem use variations, colour palette, and different parts like customized icons. As a result of HOW it’s used is what actually will get shoppers excited. When shoppers can clearly see how the branding is all going to suit collectively in real-world functions is the place the enjoyable begins for them. Shoppers gentle up after they see their customized branded objects utilizing the emblem delivered to life.

A streamlined strategy is actually a win for this technique, however one other huge win is that you’re solely displaying one emblem that you’re extremely pleased with as a substitute of 1 nice one, and some others you secretly hope the consumer does not select. High quality over amount, proper? In a enterprise the place your work IS the way you get employed for different tasks, why not solely present work that can really try this?

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