See Wrigley, the Champaign Dog who Enjoy Playground Slides


Wrigley is a celebrity because of her amazing personality. She loves everyone and everything. She is always happy and smiling.

Her owner Dan Hughes says he first noticed something special about Wrigley when she was a puppy.

He took her to the park and let her run around. When she came back, she had a big smile on her face.

She loved playing with other dogs and kids. She also liked going down the slides.

Hughes decided to give her a treat every time she went down the slide. Soon enough, she started doing it all the time.

Now, she does it every single day. She even likes to play fetch with him.

In the video above, Wrigley runs under the slanted platform, then up the ramp, turns the corner to the next ramp, turns the corner to the round tube, then flies down the slide. “You’ve gotta see it to believe it,” Hughes said.

Wrigley (who came home the week the Cubs won the World Series in 2016) might love slides, but she loves kids even more.

“I generally have a bag of small dog cookies in my pocket, and the neighborhood kids often come running when they see us, with ‘Can I give Wrigley a cookie?’

They like to hide the cookie in one hand and make Wrigley sniff each hand to find the cookie,” Hughes told “Often when we’re approaching the park, the kids already there will yell, ‘Here comes Wrigley!’ First time that happened, I was flabbergasted.

Sure is a great feeling!”.


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